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Cover of Clarkesworld #114


Translation with Ken Liu of 《嵌合体》by Gu Shi (顾适), Clarkesworld, March 2016. 18,000 words. Podcast narrated by Kate Baker at Clarkesworld.

I watch her enter.

In the six years since we parted ways, I’ve always wanted to know: exactly how cold and calculating is the machine under the soft, lustrous skin of this witch?

She sees me, her eyes filling with delight—no trace of embarrassment, nor shame.

“Evan.” She quickens her footsteps. “Darling, long time no see.”

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“[A] great story with an elegant flow and a solid construction. It’s long, but it’s also expansive in idea and theme and character. Another great story in translation!” —Quick Sip Reviews

“Like a red blend wine it’s impossible to separate out the various elements that give the story its flavor, and there’s something sweet and full of life that lingers on the tongue long after the story is done.” —Nerds of a Feather