S. Qiouyi Lu
salt and salt and glorious salt.

Tip Jars


Tip Jars

If you enjoy my work, here are a few ways to show your support! Every tip means a lot to me and reminds me that people find meaning and joy in my work. Monetary support isn't the option, though. You can always contact me to tell me your response to my work, and I’m happy to chat on social media as well. Your messages make my day!


Curious Fictions

Curious Fictions is a platform for authors to publish their work and for readers to subscribe and pay for their favorite authors’ content. My reprints on Curious Fictions are free to read with a no-cost account registration. You can subscribe to my updates at various price points or send a one-time tip.

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Like a patron relationship from the days of Michelangelo, Patreon allows individuals to fund artists directly via subscriptions. My patrons get access to exclusive content, including fiction, poetry, and art, at various subscription price points. Please note: My Patreon includes adult content.


PayPal and Ko-Fi

If you'd rather send one-time cash tips, you can do so through my PayPal.me and Ko-Fi pages.


Amazon Wishlist

More of a gift person? I have many options available to send from my Amazon wishlist. Digital purchases can be sent to s@qiouyi.lu; the wishlist has a shipping address, hidden for privacy, for any physical items. I love each and every gift I receive; thank you so much!