Expedited Sensitivity Reading


Expedited Sensitivity Reading

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I offer sensitivity reading services for multiple lengths of short fiction in any genre. Please note that these are not structural or line edits; instead, my sensitivity read is a critique of the aspect(s) of representation that you'd like me to focus on. Specifically, my notes will include which parts of your story resonated with my experience, as well as anything that rang as untrue or problematic.

I can read for these kinds of representation:

  • Chinese-American and Chinese diaspora (in particular for second-generation Chinese-Americans)
  • Bisexuality
  • Aromanticism
  • Nonbinary (in particular AFAB femme nonbinary)
  • Fluid gender identity/sexual orientation/romantic orientation
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

My expedited turnaround times are as follows:

  • Flash fiction (≤1,000 words): 3 days
  • Short stories (1,001–7,499 words): 5 days
  • Novelettes (7,500–17,499 words): 7 days

I also offer more affordable sensitivity reads with a two-week turnaround time. The depth of the read is the same between both services.

Please fill out the form upon checkout and email your manuscript to s@qiouyi.lu with the subject line "Expedited Sensitivity Read." Thanks!

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