Just two reviews this week:


Quick Thoughts – Reading Reviews” by Charles Payseur (Quick Sip Reviews)

January 2016; 940 words. As I continue to write reviews, I think more and more about who my reviews are for and what purpose they serve. Payseur contemplates the same questions in this post, ultimately coming to the conclusion that, to Payseur, reviews become bad reviews when they show a failure to engage with the text. And I’d agree with that—it’s the whole reason why I only write reviews for things I find myself engaging with. If I don’t finish reading a story or don’t find myself interested, I’d rather spend my energy on something I can immerse myself in than waste that time struggling to write a non-review. Ultimately I’m still not sure what the purpose of my reviews are, but I enjoy writing them, and I’ve found that people enjoy reading them. So I suppose that’s reason enough.


Plesiosauria” by D. Eric Parkison (Strange Horizons)

February 2016; 22 lines. Beautiful poem, which I read to be about a search for the Loch Ness Monster and the motivation behind such a search. “Plesiosauria” is full of vivid sensory images that drifts together to form a mosaic of the creature. My favorite lines have to be “During those gloppy days described/In calligraphy on pages bound in red goat leather:“—something about “red goat leather” is deceptively simple, yet so vivid against the backdrop of blues and browns; “gloppy days” is such an evocative choice of words as well.