Scumbag brain meme
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Has nothing to be stressed about
[Photo of brain]
Stressed because I don’t know what I’m forgetting to be stressed about


Engage in some form of physical activity. Whether you’re fidgeting or taking a walk, both will help to convert all that anxious energy into a different kind of energy that can be released.


Take deep breaths. Deeeep breaths. The kind where your diaphragm goes down to maximize the amount of air your lungs draw in. Count to five on each inhale and on each exhale. Breathe.


Have you eaten in the past 2–4 hours? Have you had a drink of water? Try doing those things. Even a small snack can help.


Fold a piece of paper in half. On one half, write “Things I can control.” On the other half, write “Things I can’t control.” You know that thing you’re ruminating about? Break it down and start categorizing all the pieces. Do what you can for what you can control. Take deep breaths and remind yourself that you can’t do anything about what you can’t control.


You know what, even if you’re terrible at what you do, that doesn’t impact your worth. You have inherent work regardless of how “productive” or “unproductive” you are, how good you are at something or how terrible you are at it. Tell your brain it’s wrong when it insists on lying to you and telling you that your worth is tied to un/productivity.


True fact: Your friends love you. Seriously. No, stop saying that that’s false. It’s true. They believe in you. They’re there for you. Hell, say hi to one of them. Strike up a conversation. It doesn’t have to be anything deep. I know you don’t want to be social, but sometimes we have to do what we don’t want to do to stop feeling crappy. They’re called opposite-to-emotion actions for a reason.


Compliment yourself. If you can’t muster up that energy, compliment someone else. Smile at the cashier. Be nice to someone. Sometimes sending positive energy out to others will bounce that energy back to you. Even if it doesn’t, at least you made someone else’s day better.


You matter. You matter. You matter. Yes, you, the person reading this—you matter. Your brain is telling you falsehoods and yet still you’re here. That’s brave as fuck. You matter so much. I believe in you. Yes, you from the future rereading this post, I still believe in you too. You have inherent worth. You matter.


Every moment you’re here fighting off scumbag!brain’s lies is another moment you’re alive. Scumbag!brain will fade, scumbag!brain will rear up again, but every time you keep fighting and you keep getting stronger. You exist and have worth despite what scumbag!brain says. Scumbag!brain speak in lies. It’s wrong.


Tell your truths.




That’s the most we can hope for.1

  1. PS: You’re awesome.