Today I’ve been hard at work on the audiobook I’m narrating, Poison Kiss by Ana Mardoll. It’s a wonderful story about two women who escape a fairytale dystopia to “Earthside,” a world much like our own. Their escape isn’t so easy, though; they’re pursued every step of the way by people who want them back in the other world. OT3s! Queer characters! Multiple nonbinary characters! Fascinating worldbuilding! All-around awesomeness! I might be biased, but y’all should definitely buy the book if you’re at all interested.

The audiobook is slated for release on March 31, 2016, and I’m doing my best to deliver everything ahead of schedule. It hasn’t been easy, what with holidays, a cold, and disability sapping at my energy, but I’m working hard and have finished a lot of things today. I’m super happy to present to you all the Retail Audio Sample, which is what iTunes and Audible will play if you want to try the book.