Since “The Lies You Learned” is a long poem—my second longest after my Black Widow/Hawkeye fanpoem “Budapest“—I’m making a mini-album-length playlist for the work. (Tiny poems get singles, long poems and flash fiction get mini-albums, and short stories, novelettes, and novellas gets albums.) Enjoy!

Track List

  1. Lamb – “Cottonwool” (lyrics)
    ‘Cause you’re never gonna spend a lonely day here
    Come and watch your fear fly away
    And you’ll never hunger for a greener side than here
    Gonna wrap you up in cotton wool and save you

    An ominous opening track: the lyrics are welcoming, but the atmosphere is sinister. You could stay here…

  2. José González – “Crosses” (lyrics)
    Don’t you know that I’ll be around to guide you
    Through your weakest moments to leave them behind you

    A warm and patient song, and yet the narrator has “you” bearing heavy burdens: Crosses all over, heavy on your shoulders.

  3. Laura Welsh – “Unravel” (lyrics)
    I know I’ve made some mistakes
    but I’ll be different you’ll see
    I’ll give in, tell me how

    At turns melancholy and bittersweet, a song describing a conflicted relationship: So take what you want from me, take what you want from me…

  4. TV on the Radio – “Red Dress” (lyrics)
    And I know that it sounds mundane
    But it’s a stone cold shame
    How they got you tame
    And they got me tame.

    A fast-paced track that speaks both to oppression and to fighting back against oppression. An awareness, an anthem: So go ahead, put your red dress on / Days of white robes have come and gone.

  5. Deftones – “Change [In the House of Flies]” (lyrics)
    I watched a change in you
    It’s like you never had wings

    Dark, sensual, filled with pain: a song of transformations, of creative destruction. Now you feel so alive…