S. Qiouyi Lu
salt and salt and glorious salt.

Content Tags

Content Tags

This page attempts to provide content warnings and tags for people who would either like to avoid certain topics or find stories that engage with particular themes. If there are any tags you would like to see added, please contact me.

Abundance of Fish, An

Read (800 words)

Character death, grief, second-generation Chinese-Americans, giant flying fish, destruction of cities, first-person POV addressed to a second person, ungendered characters, Chinese culture, Lunar New Year


Buy (43 lines)

Gore, deserts, southwest United States, haruspicy, disembowelment, first-person POV addressed to a second person, implied Latino character


Read (26 lines)

Death Valley, Badwater, licking the Earth, erotic poetry, first-person POV


Read (137 lines)

Assassins, farsightedness, poem sequence, archers, canon-typical violence, second-person POV

Children of the Geese

Read (32 lines)

Implied character death, guns, violence, geese, first-person POV


Read (17,900 words)
Listen (2 hr 11 min)

Human experimentation, chimeras, parent-child relationships, spaceships, organ farming, mystery, Greek mythology, future, Chinese speculative fiction in translation, pregnancy, genetics, evolution, first-person POV, third-person POV

Complex Filament of Light, A

Read (3,400 words)
Listen (27 minutes)

Suicide (not described), grief, depression/mental illness, second-person POV, Antarctica, graduate school, auroras, nonbinary character, Chinese-American characters, friendship


Read (8 lines)

Rain, fieldwork, alien environment, first-person POV

Cry Mercy

Read (5,600 words)

Explicit sexual content, D/s, kinbaku, shibari, Japanese rope bondage, piercings, anniversary, established relationship, third-person POV

Curiosity Fruit Machine

Read (700 words)
Listen (6 minutes)

Future fic, nonbinary characters, neopronouns, expedition, artifacts, third-person POV

Drabarni and the Firebird

Listen (41 minutes)

Grief, friendship between women, struggles with power and purpose, kissing, third-person POV

Fifth Lttr, Th

Read (900 words)

Authoritarianism, first-person plural POV, oulipian writing, rebellion, resistance



Desire, rejection, love, plants, fire, first-person POV

four times tubbs was a menace and one time he wasn’t

Read (1,500 words)

Mental health, first-person POV, cats, self-care

From Something Emerging

Buy (5,000 words)

Rape culture, insects, arachnids, Southern California, Caltech, San Gabriel Valley, urban exploration, sibling relationships, first-person POV


Read (1,400 words)

Intergenerational trauma, war, diaspora, character of color, second-person POV

Gold Silkworm, The

Listen (33 minutes)

First-person POV, Chinese culture, spirits, traditional Chinese medicine, possession, cricket fighting, sabotage, poison, gambling

Gone Are the Days of Begging

Listen (7 minutes)

Mentions of teeth, music, friendship, third-person POV

Her Sacred Spirit Soars

Read (5,400 words)
Listen (41 minutes)

Character death, grief, depression/PTSD/mental illness, suicidal ideation, institutionalization, scientific experimentation, abduction, bird–human body swap, Chinese-American characters, Chinese culture, F/F romantic relationship, friendship between women, first-person POV addressed to second person


Read (30 lines)
Listen (2 minutes)

Perfume, scent, first-person POV, language metaphors, totally Red Riding Hood/Big Bad Wolf fanfiction

Introduction to the Journal of Interplanetary Lycan Studies, Volume 1, Issue 1

Read (900 words)

Marginalization/oppression, faux academia, first-person POV, space exploration, werewolves, characters of color, nonbinary character, werewolves and non-Earth moons

Just a Little Spice Will Do

Listen (32 minutes)

Cannibalism, self-harm, F/F romantic relationship, relationship conflict/violence, cheating, third-person POV

Lies You Learned, The

Read (118 lines)

Rape culture, racialized fetishization, emotional manipulation/abuse, magician/assistant relationship, decolonization parallels, second-person POV

肉骨茶 (Meat Bone Tea)

Read (16 lines)
Listen (2 minutes)

Friendship, food, traditional Chinese medicine, first-person POV

Minghun: Unlikely Patron Saints, No. 5

Listen (17 minutes)

Afterlife, spirits, Chinese culture, Chinese characters, F/F romantic relationship, arranged marriage, first-person POV

Möbius Continuum

Read (4,400 words)
Listen (35 minutes)

Car collision, paraplegia, mathematics, assistive technology, world creation, first-person POV, Chinese speculative fiction in translation

Mother Tongues

Language, assimilation, Chinese-American characters, multilingual text, second-person POV, Southern California, mother–daughter relationships


Read (8 lines)

Atypical formatting, space, first-person POV


Read (10 lines)

Mars, dust storms, wildfires, Southern California, first-person POV

Person Who Saw Cetus, The

Read (5,500 words)
Listen (44 minutes)

Character death, suicide, grief, space exploration, father–daughter relationship, performance art, photography, third-person POV, Chinese speculative fiction in translation

Poison Kiss

Listen (8 hrs 46 min)

Rape culture, PTSD/mental illness, some explicit sexual content, bisexual characters, queer characters, nonbinary character, portal fantasy, first-person POV, magic/superpowers, Texas


Read (8,400 words)

Explicit sexual content, D/s, M/M sexual and romantic relationship, UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke sucks, piercings, graduate school, linguistics, third-person POV

Seventh Day of the Seventh Moon

Listen (44 minutes)

Chinese characters, Chinese culture, F/F romantic relationship, Chinese mythology, third-person POV

Slow Ones, The

Listen (20 minutes)

Alien invasion, apocalypse/nuclear war, F/F sexual relationship, third-person POV

Someone’s Checking You Out Right Now!

Read (1,000 words)

Suicide, depression/mental illness, graduate school, jiangshi, Chinese-American character, undead, dating, OKCupid parody, first-person POV

Speechless Love

Buy (2,400 words)

Character death, future fic, climate/ecology fiction, Chinese culture, Chinese characters, spaceships, poetry, Chinese speculative fiction in translation, first-person POV

To Dean Winchester | From a Busty Asian Beauty

Read (48 lines)

Explicit sexual content, racialized fetishization, subverting the dominant narrative, first-person POV

Tons of Feels

Read (6,100 words)

Explicit sexual content, sibling incest, polyphonic text, House of Leaves parody, atypical formatting, footnotes, meta-text on fandom, first-person POV


Read (1,000 words)

Character death, grief, guns, violence, illness/pandemic, crows, third-person POV

Water Night

Read (1,400 words)

Explicit sexual content, trans/nonbinary characters, genital-agnostic sex, power bottom Sanao Akeha, third-person POV

What Could Be

Read (150 words)

Character death, grief, parental neglect, Chinese-American characters, diaspora, first-person POV