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Kickstarter Creations: VERTOSCOPE

Cover art for VERTOSCOPE
Cover art by Lynn Nguyen; cover design by Kath Hsi.

VERTOSCOPE, edited by Nechama Frier & Ten Van Winkle. 221 pages. ISBN 9780692624210. eBook, $10; softcover, $25. Kickstarter. Buy: Gumroad (ebook), Storenvy (softcover).

I was the very first backer for VERTOSCOPE and have been delighted with how smoothly production has been going. I just got the ebook version and am so excited to read it. I love the clean typography on the foreword and the table of contents; Kath Hsi did a great job on the design of the book.

VERTOSCOPE is an anthology of villains, one that seeks to invert the lens on these oft-maligned characters and understand their motivations, as well as ask difficult questions: how do we understand and negotiate ethics when two systems conflict and both sides need to survive? How can we use villains to understand injustices? It’s a masterful anthology; I’m impressed by the deep insights I encountered all throughout its pages. What follows are reviews of individual stories from within the volume.

For each review, I’m also including a scent pairing, à la Charles Payseur’s Monthly Round, only nonalcoholic (mostly). 😄 Enjoy!

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