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Pull List: May 2016, Part 1

Black Panther #1, written by Ta-Nehisi Coates, cover art by Brian Stelfreeze, interior art by Brian Stelfreeze and Laura Martin, lettering by Joe Sabino, design by Manny Mederos, logo by Rian Hughes. Marvel Comics, April 2016....

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September Updates

MidAmeriCon II was a delight; it was wonderful to meet people I’d only known online and get in touch with new contacts. Thanks to Con or Bust for funding my travel and stay! Please consider supporting them so they can get...

Pull List: March/April 2016

Catching up on my massive comics backlog! /o\ 13 issues for review this month: Black Canary #9, written by Matthew Rosenberg, cover art by Guillem March, interior art by Moritat and Lee Loughridge, lettering by Steve Wands. DC...

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Week 10 Reviews

Three reviews for this week: Fiction “A Fist of Permutations in Lightning and Wildflowers” by Alyssa Wong ( March 2016; 3,500 words. Oh, oh, oh; what a gorgeous and raw story, infused with pain and hurt that...

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Pull List: February 2016

Black Canary #8, written by Brenden Fletcher, cover art by Annie Wu, interior art by Sandy Jarrell and Lee Loughridge, lettering by Steve Wands. DC Comics, February 2016. $2.99. This issue takes a turn from the battle of the...

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Week 8 Reviews

Just two reviews this week: Nonfiction “Quick Thoughts – Reading Reviews” by Charles Payseur (Quick Sip Reviews) January 2016; 940 words. As I continue to write reviews, I think more and more about who my...

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Week 7 Reviews

Four reviews this week: Fiction “The 4:15 Appointment” by Rafeeat Aliyu (Omenana) November 2014; 5,200 words. A fascinating story that combines a fantastical element with more mundane commentary on class. As Taiye...

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Week 6 Reviews

Three reviews this week: Fiction “Folding Beijing” by Hao Jingfang, translated by Ken Liu (Uncanny Magazine) “Interview: Hao Jingfang” by Deborah Stanish, translated by Ken Liu (Uncanny Magazine) January...

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Week 5 Reviews

Eight reviews this week: Fiction “Animal” by Daniel José Older (Nightmare Magazine) September 2014; 4,800 words. By turns both funny and poignant, “Animal” feels like a classic action/horror monster...

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