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Baltimore Comicon 2015

So much beautiful art at Baltimore Comicon too! Here are the business cards I collected; hover over the image for artist information:

Baltimore Comicon Business Cards

And a couple of artists who ran out of business cards:

I’ll be adding a links out page soon; I’ve collected the contact information for a lot of artists, and I plan on referencing my list for commissions and reprints 😍

SPX 2015!

SPX 2015 was so fun! I met a bunch of new people and also met some of my online friends for the first time. 😄 I collected so many business cards and a few other items—hover over these images to see more information!

SPX 2015 Swag

Plus a few more postcards/business cards that I forgot were wedged into one of my books:

SPX 2015 Postcards

And finally a couple of postcards I’ve already mailed:

Everyone was so friendly, and it was a great con to attend. I even had fun booth-sitting for a friend. I’m inspired to tackle my art again; maybe in a year or two I’ll be on the other side of the table at SPX or at a similar con. 💖