Neopronouns in Speculative Fiction: A Workshop

I taught my first workshop at WisCon 42! I expected maybe five people to show up, and I got closer to 20. ( ゚д゚) The workshop appears to have been well-received, and many people requested the materials. So here’s an overview of the workshop as I conducted it on Friday.

Workshop Description

Neopronouns in Speculative Fiction: A Writing Workshop | Fri, 4:00–6:00 pm, CIRC
S. Qiouyi Lu (moderator)

Recent high-profile works in speculative fiction, such as JY Yang’s The Black Tides of Heaven and Sarah Gailey’s River of Teeth, include prominent nonbinary characters that use they/them pronouns. However, singular they isn’t the only option for gender-neutral pronouns—as early as 1976, Marge Piercy used the invented pronoun, or neopronoun, “per” in Woman on the Edge of Time. This workshop, led by nonbinary writer and editor S. Qiouyi Lu, will explore the history of neopronouns, discuss examples drawn from speculative fiction, and provide participants a welcoming space to draft their own work that uses neopronouns.

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