S. Qiouyi Lu
salt and salt and glorious salt.



“Flashover.” Uncanny, forthcoming. 45 lines.

Annihilation.” Patreon, March 2018. 43 lines.

Badwater.” Twisted Moon, May 2017. 26 lines.

Inhalations.” Strange Horizons, January 2017. 30 lines.

肉骨茶 (Meat Bone Tea).” Uncanny, September/October 2016. 16 lines.

Parallax.” inkscrawl, August 2016. 8 lines.

Children of the Geese.” Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry, July 2016. 32 lines.

The Lies You Learned.” Liminality, March 2016. 118 lines.

Consistencies.” inkscrawl, December 2015. 8 lines.

Particularities.” inkscrawl, December 2015. 10 lines.

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No, not crumbling: I see how your other lovers have trampled you, ravished you, left pilgrims' prints on you, left you barren, smooth;