S. Qiouyi Lu
salt and salt and glorious salt.



A Complex Filament of Light” by S. Qiouyi Lu. Cast of Wonders, June 2017. 27 minutes.

Curiosity Fruit Machine” by S. Qiouyi Lu. GlitterShip, February 2017. 6 minutes.

The Slow Ones” by JY Yang. GlitterShip, February 2017. 20 minutes.

The Gold Silkworm” by Tony Pi. PodCastle, July 2016. 33 minutes.

Poison Kiss by Ana Mardoll. June 2016 from Acacia Moon Publishing. 8 hours 46 minutes.

Just a Little Spice Will Do” by Andrew Wilmot. GlitterShip, May 2016. 32 minutes.

Minghun: Unlikely Patron Saints, No. 5” by Amy Sisson. GlitterShip, October 2015. 17 minutes.

Seventh Day of the Seventh Moon” by Ken Liu. GlitterShip, September 2015. 44 minutes.

Your snowmobile cuts through the snow and ice, kicking up flurries in your wake.

—”A Complex Filament of Light”