I’m nonbinary and identify more specifically as genderfluid. I usually move between different points of nonbinary gender; these feelings generally correspond to the pronouns that I prefer to use at any given time. This page provides pronunciation for my pronouns and additional information about what I’m experiencing.


I use four sets of pronouns:

  • They went to the park.
  • I went with them.
  • They brought their frisbee.
  • At least I think it was theirs.
  • They threw the frisbee to themselves.
    (Or: They threw the frisbee to themself.)
  • Ae went to the park.
  • I went with aer.
  • Ae brought aer frisbee.
  • At least I think it was aers.
  • Ae threw the frisbee to aerself.
  • Ei went to the park.
  • I went with em.
  • Ei brought eir frisbee.
  • At least I think it was eirs.
  • Ei threw the frisbee to eirself.
    (Or: Ei threw the frisbee to emself.)
  • S. went to the park.
  • I went with per.
  • S. brought per frisbee.
  • At least I think it was pers.
  • S. threw the frisbee to perself.


I track my pronoun preference daily. View the timeline, which begins on February 12, 2016. Please note that I do not use she/her/hers pronouns and have only included it for my own reference to track social dysphoria levels.

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