Variations of my name that are accurate: S. Qiouyi Lu , S., Lu, Mx. Lu, Qiouyi. Variations that are inaccurate: S. Lu, S. Qiouyi, Qiouyi Lu, Qiouyi-Lu, Ms. Lu. “Qiouyi” is my middle name, which is written 秋逸 in hanzi.

I am Chinese-American. Specifically, I am a second-generation Han Chinese-American; I was born and raised in the United States. I only identify as Asian-American for political and coalitional reasons and do not use the term “Asian-American” to describe my personal identity. I use the hyphen because I see it as a bridge between two identities, but I don’t mind if people use variations with spaces (e.g. Chinese American). I am not American Chinese, nor do I use the term “American-born-Chinese.”

I am nonbinary. I like the term “fluid” to describe my gender, sexuality, and romantic orientation, as they can and do change. I generally use the pronoun they. For more information on my pronoun use, visit my pronouns page. I do not participate in groups or projects that are women-only, as I do not identify as a woman.

I am both bi and asexual/aromantic, depending on where I am in either spectrum at any given time. I tend not to use the term “queer” to describe myself, but I do use it for political and coalitional reasons. Please note that aromanticism does not mean that I’m incapable of love; for me, it simply means that I have little to no interest in romantic love. I have more than enough platonic love to go around.

I am disabled. I deal primarily with depression and anxiety. Sometimes, everything is under control and my brain cooperates with me; other times, things are much more difficult.

I am atheist and agnostic, though I do have a soft spot in my heart for Guanyin.


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