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Uncanny 15 is now online.

Spring festival, before the fish arrive: Teresa Teng croons from the radio; I hum along as I hang paper decorations, the reds and golds bright against our cream-colored walls. You’re in the kitchen making dinner—Shanghai-style sauteéd niangao, braised cod, stir-fried green beans. Sizzle, pop. Water runs from the sink, interrupting the music for a moment, and then I hear your slipper-soft footsteps padding to me.

This issue features my flash fiction piece “An Abundance of Fish.” The issue also includes fiction by Beth Cato, Stephen Graham Jones, JY Yang, and Sarah Pinsker; poetry by Cassandra Khaw, Brandon O’Brien, Bogi Takács, and Lisa M. Bradley; and nonfiction by Sam J. Miller, Elsa Sjunneson-Henry, Shveta Thakrar, Dawn Xiana Moon, and Paul Booth.


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